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For every  Parent, Teen, and Advocate involved in the IEP process: 
A Bigger Boat !
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Don't Wait  12 Years to Figure it Out.  Your Child's IEP  Won't Wait!
Parents, Teens, & Advocates:
Get help now before another school  year goes by! Priced rock bottom so everyone can access the information they need now.
Create your educationally and legally sound submission to the IEP Team
 Top Ten Late "The Night Before" Reasons for 
A Bigger Boat
10. Blank forms to copy
 9.  Books, organizations, website lists
 8.  By topic cross-reference to resources
 7.  Acronyms and Lookup+ dictionary
 6.  Sample filled in documents
 5.  Huge list of strategies, services, IEP accommodations, etc.
 4.  Easy to understand
 3.  IEP 911, for tomorrow
 2.  Framework for legally & educationally solid IEP
 1.  Parent / teen point of view & language!
Bigger Boat Publishing
Complete IEP Guide to help Parents and Teens become Equal Partners in the IEP Process
The mission of Bigger Boat Publishing is to supply resources that empower and help Parents and Teens to (finally) become equal partners in the IEP process by offering products that are
  • clear  &  easy to understand
  • written for teens and parents, not pros
  • hands-on results oriented
There are tens of thousands of IEP resources including 1,000's of IEP articles and websites, and hundreds of books offering to give you the help you need.  But where do you begin?  How do you tackle such a huge task?  Which books do you buy?  Which websites do you go to? 
Start here.  Bigger Boat products are your navigation guides.  A Bigger Boat: Surviving the Treacherous Waters of the IEP Process, A Parentís Workbook, will help you produce an IEP plan in a fraction of the time that we had to spend.  1000's of hours were spent researching all this information to save you time and to help you end up with a better IEP plan the first time.  500 Quick Tips and Helpful Hints for the IEP Process  is the quick guide for our busy lives.  It pinpoints some important points in the IEP process and even contains "IEP 911!" 

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A Bigger Boat:
Surviving  the Treacherous Waters of the IEP Process
A Parentís Workbook

Copyright 2007 Updated 2010
300 Pages, Second Edition  E-book Format  $9.99! No Shipping Bonus: Sample Parent Input to IEP Meeting. Priceless!



  500 Quick Tips and Helpful Hints for the IEP Process
87 Pages,E-book 
format $3.00  
Only available here

Lots of lists, tips, hints, and help for the IEP process. 
If your child is struggles in school with learning problems, and you hear "If only they would:

  • Try harder
  • Eat better foods 
  • Behave better, etc."
Then you need help and you need it now.  You need practical, clear advice you can act on at your child's IEP Meetings to develop your own child's legally & educationally sound  IEP for your child.  Look Inside for more information.
  • Easier to read
  • IEP Parent Input Forms
  • Sample Parent submission to IEP Team
  • IEP Meeting 911!
  • Lots of lists, hints, and IEP resources
  • Make your own family book
  • Match child's needs to list of modifications, accommodations,  strategies, etc.
  • IEP Meeting tips
  • Huge appendix
  • Framework  to create an educationally & legally sound IEP! 
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